Founder and CEO

Dr Styles

Dr. Yvonne Styles is a dedicated consultant who is trained and experienced in behavioral healthcare. As a professional who has spent twenty years in the non-profit sector, Dr. Styles is an advocate in the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging space, specializing in training and capacity building for organizations, leaders and board members. Dr. Styles advocates coaching and training as fundamental and transformational tools of empowerment for today’s leaders. Her lived experience has engendered a lifelong passion for social justice and equity, which continually shapes and influences her work with non-profit leaders. Dr. Styles is committed to supporting the authentic leadership and emergence of change agents—inspiring growth and managing change!

She is the president of Styles Behavioral Services, providing consulting services, coaching, and training in diversity, equity and inclusion. She is an organizationally focused, team-driven leader with years of experience in executive coaching, leadership development, strategic management, talent management, and human capital management. Dr. Styles is experienced in human and organizational assessment and development. 

Dr. Styles, formerly a C-Suite Executive in the non-profit sector, holds a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Development and a Masters degree in Organizational Systems. She also holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, specializing in child and adolescent psychology, from Antioch University in Los Angeles.


  • 2015 Shero Award
  • 2017 Special Congressional Recognition


“One Can Choose to Go Back Toward Safety or Forward Toward Growth. Growth Must Be Chosen Again and Again; Fear Must Be Overcome Again and Again.” - Abraham Maslow

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